We care and offer hand for those who care

Ensure better and safe life for animals

Invest in people for sensitive culture twoards animals


African Centre for Veterinary Consulting is located in Khartoum - Sudan. We are trying to provide better life for animals in Sudan in particular, and the region as general. We are more concerned in protecting animals from being inhumanely killed or abused due to different reasons such as rabies transmission, over population or threatening the peace of streets.

We are dealing with so many challenges such as poverty, local culture, high numbers and varaiarty of animals in the country.

ACVC provides consultancy services for more humane and to main stream animal welfare issues to the various governmental and private sector projects in the field of animal production. In addition, we organize number of campaigns and educational progams throughout the ear in an effort to raise the general awareness towards animal welfare.

Our services extends to include the acdemic field by leading base line studies regarding to numbers and distribution of different animal species through out Sudan. We also work closly with the veterinary academic institutions to mainstraem animal welfare issues in teaching and reseach.

Our long term goal is to uplift Sudan’s veterinary practice standards to integrate and adopt animal welfare concept as necessaty in everyday practice.

Our mission

ACVC works to promote and protect principles of domestic and wild animals' welfare in the region.

This is done through..

Campaigns strengthening the International and Regional normative framework governing the animal welfare.

Encouraging the national legislative framework governing the animal welfare to be in line with the International animal welfare standards.

Awareness campaigns on animals' welfare promoting humane treatment of animals.

Building bridges with the international and regional organizations in our effort to support the national response towards animal abuse and violations.

Dealing with zoonotic disease and stray animals control in a more humane manner in line with the welfare standards.

Establishing body of knowledge and statistical information on companion animals, farm animals and wild life characteristics, numbers, distribution and habitat.

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